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Astrid Leitner
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I was working on the mola mola entry, and I entered several values from one paper (pope et al 2010) and this paper mentioned a max depth of nearly 500 m and cited Sims et al 2009. I went to this paper to get the exact value (472 m) and tried to add this fact under general values. However, when I tried to add the Sims paper as the citation for the max depth, the paper came up, but the citation remained the Pope paper. How do I get the citation to show the Sims paper?

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Had you already submitted the other values for the Pope paper?  That is, I think this may have happened because the other values hadn't yet been committed to the database (by pressing the return key, or clicking the 'Set ___ Values' button at the bottom of the page).  You would have had to do so before you entered the value (and selected the Sims citation) as a separate entry.
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