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When I add an observation to a trophic interaction, I am getting an error message when I add a comment to the observation. For example, I am adding an observation to Arrowtooth Flounder feeding on juvenile walleye pollock. The pollock is 50% of the diet of the flounder, and I tried adding the comment: "Primary prey (items with 10% or more presence in listed predators’ diets) of species with dietary niche overlaps of 0.70 or less between the EBS and WBS models. WBS Model. Berring Sea" (Aydin,2002). I also tried adding a date range: 1980-1985. When I hit "Add Obervation" I get an error message. It says:

"Error on addNewInteractionObservationB Error: value count on row".

When I hit "OK", I get another error message:
"INSERT into trophic_interaction_observation  ( cite_id, owner_id, trophic_interaction_id, location_id, lethality,structures_consumed,percentage_consumed, percentage_diet, percentage_diet_by, preference, observation_type, comment, datum)  VALUES ( '370','58','599','','','',NULL,'50%',NULL,'','','{\\\"type\\\":\\\"year\\\",\\\"values\\\":[\\\"1980\\\",\\\"1985\\\"]}')".


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I'm having the same issue. adding interaction works fine until I try to add comment.

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Will get August to look into this shortly.  (Sorry for the slow response.)
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