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Alison Iles
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The map feature is functioning pretty well, but when I have decided on the range I want and highlighted it on the map and hit select, the window closes and goes back to the node info window but doesn't add the range information.

Is there a way to get it to select a continuous range with the shift key? I see that you can select multiple boxes with the shift key, but you have to click on each box. Usually, with excel and similar lists, if you highlight a box at one end of the range and then hold the shift key down and click on the box at the other end of the range then all the boxes in between are also selected. The ctrl key is usually used to select (or deselect) particular, non-continuous entries.

Because the subsections are based on latitudinal lines, the estuaries are broken up in strange ways.

In the pink subsections, you can highlight several sections directly on the map using the shift key, but the same sections are not highlighted on the tree map and you can't highlight multiple sections on the tree map directly.

What do the different transparencies of pink represent?
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When you hit select, do you not see a little yellow box next to the button saying "Set Node Values" so save? This may be a bit misleading, but I did it this way to be consistent with the overall interface. Once you hit select, then hit the "set node values" button and it should ask for a citation and ultimately save the range you've selected.

Continuous range with shift is something on the list, but is not trivial. I'm working on it.

The polygons can be defined however they need to be. In lieu of redrawing the ones currently there, it might be better to add individual features (such as estuaries) at a higher zoom level (different "resolutions" of features appear at discrete ranges of zooming into the map). 

There's still some disconnect between the tree view and direct map selection, which I'm working on. 

The places where you should see different transparencies (pink or green) are Haida Gwaii and the channel islands. The solid polygons just indicate that you can click on them independent of the surrounding region. If you're seeing different transparencies elsewhere, it's a bug. Sometimes when you zoom out quickly (like with the mouse scroll wheel), it renders several polygons on top of one another, which causes things too look less transparent.
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OK, the first issue should be resolved. There was a single-character typo that prevented the whole range selection from working. If you do as I outlined above, it should do what it's supposed to do.
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