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I have run into a few issues with the new map interface.

1) I am having a hard time seeing a difference between East Bering Sea and sub region East Bering sea. When I select sub region and scroll up the entire region looks selected. There are also no smaller regions in the northern sections like Alaska and Bering sea.

2) It took me a minuet to figure it out but you hit shift + select in the map for multiples zones, but as soon as you click or search an area on the side view they all become unselected. To select multiple areas in the side view you can use Ctrl + select which was not mentioned anywhere.

3) I have ran across an error message a few times i.e Pile perch: I selected the area, set it, and when I put in the "set node values" a message pops up "must enter a value" and I am quite sure I am doing it correctly because I was able to finish and cite for other species. To make sure it wasn't just a certain zone I randomly selected a few other zones and even just one zone and the message persisted.

4) This is not a big deal but you can only click and drag the map around by the land and not over the water. This can be a little challenging because when you search for a place some times it's a little island and you can't click and drag the map because it's all water. You can always zoom out and try to move back over from the mainland but you have a hard time doing any detailed zones in these areas.
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