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You are currently not able to enter multiple values for one field ( ie. 2 different body lengths ) for one citation..It would be helpful to be able to do this as some sources state multiple values for one field.
mark n
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that probably won't be possible.  that is, we'll just have to enter the values twice.  it'd be difficult to parse them appropriately.
Ryan Y.
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I'm, running into a similar problem. On the Swell shark adult entry I'm trying to enter two values using the same citation for their feeding strategy. However an error pops up when I try to set the second value stating:
"Error on stage_consumer_strategyB Error: already exists"

Is this something that can be worked out in the program or will a different citation need to be used?

mark n.
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The new version of the interface should now have the ability to enter this information, as long as the time (date) information for the two values is different.  Therefore, in the (rare) case where two pieces of information come from the same exact day, just change the date of one of them and add that you have done so in the (new) comment field.
ML McLaughlin
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This is still a problem.  That is, even when I set a (different) date for two entries from the same citation, the interface doesn't allow me to save it.
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